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About the Greenville Area Arts Council


     The Greenville Area Arts Council was founded in 1981. Since the day it was founded, this group has dedicated time, money and energy into enriching the lives of people in not only in Greenville, but in surrounding communities as well as Butler County. Through facilitating events of the visual arts, theatre and music, Greenville Area Arts Council has brought an unparalleled amount of culture to our area. Some of the most outstanding artistic programs that have come to Butler County were made possible by the Greenville Area Arts Council and its patrons. For over 36 years, GAAC has made major contributions to the artistic outlet for the community.

Community Involvement 

     Greenville Area Arts Council is widely known for its sponsorship of public concerts by world-acclaimed artists.  Less well-known is its involvement in educational and community projects throughout Butler County. Students in local elementary, middle, and high schools are often treated to free pre-performance sneak peek's of Putting on the Ritz. GAAC has also experienced high participation in the Putting on the Ritz plays, and others throughout the years by local students and parents. 

     Greenville's premier theatre group The Ritz Players continue to pack the house each spring when they present the annual musical review Putting on the Ritz.  Always the last weekend in April, the cast performs musical favorites in fantastic costumes to the delight of hundreds.  The production is truly a feast for the ears and eyes.  Mark your calendar now so you will be a part of this magical theatrical performance. 

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