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Application Deadline - August 20, 2023


Amount of Scholarship up to $1000


The Greenville Area Arts Council is proud to announce the Roberta P. Gamble Scholarship honoring our founder, friend, and inspiration Roberta "Bobbie" Gamble.  The scholarship is intended to provide funds of up to $1000 (that may be divided if necessary) to a resident in Butler County, Alabama seeking to enrich themselves or others through the arts.  We are committed to enriching through music, dance, drama, and art. 


*Please note, the money awarded will go directly to the provider of services or products "The Entity".  If awarded the scholarship, an invoice must be provided to GAAC in order to apply funds to the provider of services or products directly. 


Notification Date for Scholarship Recipients: September 20, 2023

Apply Below through the Form Submission:

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